Serenade of the Loving Guitar

I have been away for quite a while. It’s nice to be back home again.

I have been away for quite a while. It’s nice to be back home again.

May 1

Hey babe, it's me. Hope you're doin' okay. I miss you so much. -Larry



To disappear like that… das war grausam.

I hope he can forgive me one day…


Exams are coming.


I just have three more weeks until I have my exams, so how you probably already noticed, I won’t be online that much on tumblr. I’m really sorry, but I have to pass this exam, or I will be banned from university.

I try to be online from time to time, but I can’t promise that I’m much in the mood for RPing when studying keeps me busy.

So I guess this is a putting all my characters on a semi-hiatus. Sorry, guys.


Nah, you’re cuter.

He chuckles to himself.

But hey, I’m okay. I didn’t get hurt or anythin’ the other day. You don’t have to worry ‘bout me.

That’s good.

[She places another quick kiss on the tip of his nose.]

Keep that up, ja? Not getting hurt, I mean.


W-well, the only other words I know are “bratwurst” and “strudel,” so I guess sayin’ “I love you” beats those other two!

I’d do anythin’ for you, Klaire.

[She laughs again, hiding her face quickly at Larry’s neck.]

You really are cute, Larry. So very cute.

[She holds him a little bit tighter, not wanting to break away.]

Just take care of yourself. That already makes me happy.


I’m still not very good at it.

He admits, feeling a little sheepish.

Need to get myself one of those Rosetta Stone programs or somethin’. 

That’s okay.

[She smiles at Larry, running gently with one hand over the back of his neck.]

'Ich liebe dich' is enough. You don't have to learn German for me.


I love you, more.

He holds her close and brushes a piece of her bangs back behind her ears, then kisses her gently.

Ich liebe dich, Klaire!

[Klaire kisses Larry back, chuckling slightly about his words.]

Ich liebe dich auch.

[She whispers, close to his ear.]

I love it when you talk German. It sounds so wonderful from your lips.


I hope so…

He goes to hold her tight, forgetting that Hero is still in Klaire’s arms. The puppy puts a paw on Larry’s chest, as if to say, “nope, she’s mine!”

Hey! Toldja I’d get jealous. I don’t think the little guy wants to share you!

[Klaire watches how Larry comes closer, but when Hero puts a paw on Larry’s chest, she couldn’t hold back a laugh. Slowly, she puts the puppy down before turning to Larry, wrapping her arms around him.]

I love you.