Serenade of the Loving Guitar


Exams are coming.


I just have three more weeks until I have my exams, so how you probably already noticed, I won’t be online that much on tumblr. I’m really sorry, but I have to pass this exam, or I will be banned from university.

I try to be online from time to time, but I can’t promise that I’m much in the mood for RPing when studying keeps me busy.

So I guess this is a putting all my characters on a semi-hiatus. Sorry, guys.


Nah, you’re cuter.

He chuckles to himself.

But hey, I’m okay. I didn’t get hurt or anythin’ the other day. You don’t have to worry ‘bout me.

That’s good.

[She places another quick kiss on the tip of his nose.]

Keep that up, ja? Not getting hurt, I mean.


W-well, the only other words I know are “bratwurst” and “strudel,” so I guess sayin’ “I love you” beats those other two!

I’d do anythin’ for you, Klaire.

[She laughs again, hiding her face quickly at Larry’s neck.]

You really are cute, Larry. So very cute.

[She holds him a little bit tighter, not wanting to break away.]

Just take care of yourself. That already makes me happy.


I’m still not very good at it.

He admits, feeling a little sheepish.

Need to get myself one of those Rosetta Stone programs or somethin’. 

That’s okay.

[She smiles at Larry, running gently with one hand over the back of his neck.]

'Ich liebe dich' is enough. You don't have to learn German for me.


I love you, more.

He holds her close and brushes a piece of her bangs back behind her ears, then kisses her gently.

Ich liebe dich, Klaire!

[Klaire kisses Larry back, chuckling slightly about his words.]

Ich liebe dich auch.

[She whispers, close to his ear.]

I love it when you talk German. It sounds so wonderful from your lips.


I hope so…

He goes to hold her tight, forgetting that Hero is still in Klaire’s arms. The puppy puts a paw on Larry’s chest, as if to say, “nope, she’s mine!”

Hey! Toldja I’d get jealous. I don’t think the little guy wants to share you!

[Klaire watches how Larry comes closer, but when Hero puts a paw on Larry’s chest, she couldn’t hold back a laugh. Slowly, she puts the puppy down before turning to Larry, wrapping her arms around him.]

I love you.


Yeah…same with me, I guess.

Edgey, too. Those two’re from the same time period, but they don’t have a Larry. I guess I’m kind of a substitute until theirs pops up sometime.

As long as it makes the three of you happy, it’s alright.

I’m sure, they are just as good friends as the one from your world were.


W-well…kind of. Not exactly. He isn’t “my” Nick, the one who disappeared, but he’s still my best friend. 

…ich verstehe. Another Nick, ja?

It was the same for me, with Daria. I loved all three of them, no matter if they were my Daria or not.


Larry smiles softly at her and absently starts playing with her ponytail.

I will—I promise. And if anythin’ should happen, I’ve got you, Nick, and Hero to help out!


[She smiles a little bit brighter, but then notices something.]

Warte… Nick? Do you mean your friend came back?



He feels guilty for being such a spaz and constantly worrying her. The last thing he wants to do is make Klaire upset, but he always manages to do just that without even trying. With a sad sigh, he plants a kiss on her head.

I know. I don’t wanna lose you either.

Hero barks in assent and licks Klaire’s hand.

[Feeling the kiss on her head and the licks at her hand makes her smile a little bit. Slowly, she pulls back, looking at Hero first, then at Larry.]

Seems that I have not just one but two wonderful, loving men, hm?

[Another small kiss on Larry’s lips follows.]

Just promise me to take care of yourself. And not to end in the hospital again, ja?